BMM Organisation

BMM members are employed at trademark- and/or patent firms, at corporate trademark and patent departments, as IP lawyers, or work at universities and other educational institutes. 

The current board consists of:

  • Francois Uyttenhove (president)
  • Ellen Gevers (vice-president)
  • Gregor Vos (secretary)
  • Djamila Mahlous (treasurer)
  • Theo-Willem van Leeuwen (past president)
  • Sandra Bauwens
  • Linde Bloemers
  • Frederique Timan
  • Tanguy de Haan 
  • Kris Keymolen (BMM coordinator)

Honourary members: 

  • Kor Blumenstock
  • Wim Goosen
  • Gerard van Hulst
  • Rob Krist
  • Frans Pannenkoek
  • A.D. Baarslag †
  • Florent Gevers †
  • Hans Molijn †
  • Paul Steinhauser †


Within the association, several committees are present, among which:

  • the Communication and PR committee, responsible for external communications
  • the Programming committee, responsible for the organisation of events and member assembly
  • the Redaction committee, responsible for the quarterly edition of the BMM-bulletin.